DJ Candlestick Turns Brent Faiyaz’s Fuck the World into Chopped Masterpiece 

 Evan Dale // Mar 12, 2020 

Brent Faiyaz’s Fuck The World has already exploded into one of the most important R&B projects of the year, and one of the most telling projects of the young artist’s exuberantly prolific canon. Now, true to his Baltimore roots, Fuck The World has a Chopped & Screwed rework from Chopnotslop master, DJ Candlestick.


Something in Brent Faiyaz’s texture has always been destined for the Chopped & Screwed aesthetic. He already utilizes it from time to time in his own work as an homage to his mid-Atlantic, Southern roots. But Fuck The World, with all of its angst, its hard-hitting beats, and Brent Faiyaz’s undeniably rangy vocalism, is truly a master piece at both its original pace, and DK Candlestick’s reworking.


For an old twist on a new classic, check it out.