Belgian's Bros Bros Delivers Bass-Heavy, String-Subdued Melodie

 Evan Dale // Mar 12, 2019 

Belgian bassist and producer, Bros Bros is an innovative and refreshing take on the experimental electronic scene. Combining the instrumentation of his bouncy bassline with otherwise electronic techniques, he lays the foundation for rapper, Darrell Cole to flow overtop a subdued yet addicting club anthem, Melodie. The result is something that feels taken from GoldLink’s signature book of fine vintages, where an untraditional electronic beat lays the framework for a smooth lyricist to take hip-hop in a completely new direction. And it does so really smoothly, coalescing two polarizing takes on music in a way that has only recently come to be common form. 


Accompanying Melodie on the B-Side of the release is Champion, an instrumental cut as vibrant as and danceable as they come, highlighted by a breakdown of psychedelic charms that’ll melt the hearts of any fan of electronic surprises.