Multi-talented artist, Buddy, brings the funk to his early summer anthem, Trouble On Central. The young Compton-born and bred talent is a creator whose ability blankets a wide area. Though a solid portion of his canon can conservatively be labeled the work of a hip-hop artist, Buddy continues to thrive and grow in the post-genrefication era, climbing up the ranks of popular music and making the right friends in the process.


A long-standing relationship with Pharrell, a collaborative career that extends from Kendrick Lamar and BJ the Chicago Kid to Kaytranada and Miley Cyrus, and a solo collective purely of his own creation and styling, his newest single falls into the categorical latter. 


It's also proof of his growth. The easy-going track is of a certain stellar kind of addiction that keeps us coming back for more. The bouncy, warm weather production, the hypnotically intoxicating vocal delivery, and the expected stream of lyrical aptitude makes Trouble On Central an exhibition of Buddy's immense talent coming to fruition. 


It's not that we haven't seen it before, it's simply that while boasting a career that spans more than a half-decade and an innumerable amount of high-profile collaborations, Buddy is yet to deliver his quality in consistent quantity. We're hoping the rhythmic continuation of his collaborative projects in combination with the solo releases might be pointing towards a more full-length followup to Magnolia in the near future. 


But for now, we'll let this one highlight our warm summer nights and patiently wait for more.