We can't keep up at this point. Every time we turn our backs, even if just for a second, from the feast of music boiling over the Chicago basin, we return to find the house once again on fire. 


This time around, the spark was delivered in the form of Chicago rapper, Calez's five-track EP, Poppa. The smoke that led us to the project in the first place was collaborative single, Cool, featuring fellow Chicago flame throwers, Mick Jenkins and Alex Wiley. The star-studded track yields expected results as Cool, though certainly a standout, places itself well into a greater production strewn with high-level lyricism and catchy hooks, while Calez's deliberate flow and sense of humor provide the entire EP balance. 


Poppa is the kind of project that garners a lot of attention, and with the inclusion of its top tier features, is sure to make Calez a more recognizable name across hip-hop.