Cameron Bloomfield Gives a Taste of his Pipes with Lazerus

 Evan Dale // Sep 15, 2019 


Sourcing D’Angelo, Anderson .Paak, and Thundercat as contemporary inspirations, Cameron Bloomfield sets himself up to be weighed against heavy comparison. And yet, the London songwriter fond of a higher range, organic instrumentalism, and raw emotionality doesn’t misstep in his own take on transcendent modernism. Off-the-bat, one of his newer singles, Lazerus holds true to no delineation of the past. Instead, it’s darkly romantic and reminiscent of R&B cornerstones while at the same time playfully sensual in ways that a London-based funk renaissance is becoming known for. Electric guitar breakdowns separate what’s really a three-part composition, building in emotion and heavier musical nuances throughout. At first, it’s sensitivities appeal to a low-toned R&B ear. In the middle, it builds to something more modern and transcendent. And at the end, it explodes into a full-on funk anthem.


With more already out from Bloomfield – Another Man’s Woman – keep an ear out for what is starting to seem like a consistent and wide-ranging rollout of singles.