Nashville's Case Arnold Drops Low-Fidelity Single, '6am' Perfect for Rainy Days 

 Evan Dale // April 18, 2020 

Somewhere between timeless soul and particularly poetic hip-hop exists the always emotionally endowed styling of Case Arnold. The Nashville artist, with his understated delivery both vocally and lyrically, makes music that shines brightest on rainy days. It’s not to say there’s anything especially downtrodden about his music, but instead, similar to the laid-back, heavily penned coalescence of Kota the Friend, overtop expected low-fidelity beats, Case Arnold just sounds like an overcast day in the same way that positivity-reaching spoken word and the sound of running water do. He’s that effortless; that natural.


And with his latest single release, 6am, that fluidity is on full display. The track is his first of the year, and couldn’t have come at a time begging more for introspection and though-provoking art. Any fan of rap’s most fervent pillars and rain’s most contemplative qualities are sure to find 6am fitting for any time of the day.