Case Arnold Brings Something New & Unexpected with 'Mysterious Dreams' 

 Evan Dale // May 27, 2020 

With his latest in a string of experimental hip-hop deliveries, Nashville poet, Case Arnold is presenting Mysterious Dreams. The darkly written, understatedly soul single shines yet another new light on the range of Case Arnold. Never settling in his delineation as a rapper, a vocalist, or simply an experimental force, he is working towards a larger project with the wide-ranging myriad of creative prowess that drives his deepest artistry.


Fit with an underwater guitar riff that grants the entirety of Mysterious Dreams a foundation worthy of its title, a chorus that sees Case Arnold meandering through some vocal risks, and some understated raps that brim with intriguing lyricism, the single gives his audience even more to ponder where the range of this is all going. But wherever it is that Case Arnold ends up, it’s sure to be filled to the brim with funky soul, raw raps, and a whole lot of unheard middle ground.