Case Arnold Continues Rollout of Contemplative Soul-Hop Mosaics with 'Somebody' 

 Evan Dale // April 25, 2020 

Back again with another soul-fueled single, Nashville hip-hop transcendentalist, Case Arnold is here with Somebody. Fitting of the collage covers with which he continues to design his album artwork, Somebody – like recent single, 6am – is a mosaic of simplicity and harmony that is sought after but rarely achieved by so many in such a stylistically fluid time in hip-hop history. Somebody is an introspective look at needing or not needing the company of others. And in its complicated thematic exploration and simplistic musicality, the two-minute trackunearths a balance and overarching mellowness that makes it fitting of just about any laid-back moment where the need for a soundtrack also presents itself.


So, step out onto the porch during a rainstorm, listen to Case Arnold, and contemplate whatever it is in your life that begs for contemplation.