Cautious Clay Returns with Expectedly Mellow Anthem, 'Agreeable' 

 Evan Dale // Sep 21, 2020 

If there’s something we can all agree on, it’s that the term wide-ranging doesn’t even begin to describe the auditory aesthetic of Cautious Clay. The Brooklyn singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, and producer is a well-rounded mosaic of sonic influence and subsequent sound that blends the post-genre leanings of Neo-Soul, Indie Rock, and Bedroom Pop into music better described by its accompanying emotional evocations. To those who haven’t heard yet, think of fellow blendaline cultural icons like Kid Cudi, Odie, and Moise. For those that have heard, we’ve got good news:


His newest is Agreeable, and per Cautious Clay’s wide-ranging, indescribable lane, lives up to its name for anyone listening. Driven by an established vocal direction that lands him somewhere in the radio adjacent leanings of Indie-Soul, Agreeable’s deep-seeded, layered foundation of vocals, instrumentation, and production is a glimpse into the expanse of his talent and subsequent indefinability.