Anticipated is an understatement. Cautious Clay, the positive vibes, energy-emitting singer / songwriter whose three released singles to date have caused a bigger firestorm than most artists see in a career, has finally given us his debut project, Blood Type. The EP is only six songs deep – three of which are Joshua Tree, Juliet + Caesar, and Cold War – the trilogy of debut singles that brought him out of the New York underground and into the limelight, but it’s a remarkable debut project nonetheless.


Clay’s dynamic vocals, punch-packing lyricism, and undefinable emotion-evoking vibe are on full display throughout the EP’s length, exhibiting a unique sound and overarching personality most aptly paralleled to the likes of an early Kid Cudi.


What’s most impressive for a young artist with such a grand weight of expectation on his shoulders is Clay’s ability to build a project around three acclaimed singles that instead of highlighting and exhibiting them, includes them as equals into a cohesive and strong body of work. Blood Type is of a rare quality that allots for select tracks to be listened to individually or for the project’s entirety to be celebrated as a whole, while refusing to lose ground qualitatively in either scenario.


The tracks as individual pieces and the EP unbroken all manage to live up to the impossibly high conjecture, culminating in a longing for more and further anticipation for Cautious Clay’s long career ahead.