Cautious Clay is Deleting Us All from his Socials with Erase

 Evan Dale // Sep 12, 2019 

Cautious Clay - Erase.jpg

Brooklyn producer and soul transcendentalist, Cautious Clay is unpredictable. His music – though always highlighted by soft and rangy vocal displays – ranges from the downright neo-soul to the mellow pop to a p[op-driven middle ground fond of artists like Odie and Raury who also exemplify what it means to by widely and wildly talented. Cautious Clay’s newest single is Erase and captures a new identity unembodied before by the always growing artist. Thematically bursting with the theme of erasure alone would be a bold change of pace for an artist usually exploring positivity and love, but the idea of deleting someone in from social media and subsequently from life still suits Clay remarkably well. 


Riding what is definitely a more poppy, electronic bit of production than we’re used to, Erase is a modern breakup anthem, and the kind of track that might come to bring him a new audience.