Prolifically Indefinable Cautious Clay Returns with Table of Context

 Evan Dale // Mar 29, 2019 

In a word, Brooklyn’s Cautious Clay is prolific. In two, he’s prolifically indefinable. The young catalyst of a movement in music to belong to absolutely no predetermined styling or genre, Cautious Clay is at times reminiscent of R&B and neo-soul, at others he flirts with electronically-nuanced bedroom pop, and at others still, he’s a proponent of folk acoustic. With his new EP, Table of Context­ – his third project in two years amongst a slew of further singles, acoustics, and electronic remix cuts of his originals – he explores it all. Like every project of his including his sole album, Blood TypeTable of Context is a short work. But it doesn’t feel that way. 


In the manner that he so effortlessly shifts and adjusts his overarching sound without ever losing that inviting something in his aesthetic that makes it so very him, Cautious Clay pulls together a broad spectrum of production under the banner of Cudi-reminiscence, anthemic emotion, and a clean-cut sound for the era of post-gentrification. 


Included in Table of Context are REASONS – a Hudson Mohawke production of extravagance and balance, and HONEST ENOUGH – the project’s other leading single that edges more closely to Clay’s signature subdued and emotion-ridden melody. With the addition of four new tracks, Table of Context emerges another classic project from a young artist that has never delivered anything else.