Atlanta Transcendentalist, Childish Major Drops Dancehall Fueled Dem Know 

 Evan Dale // Feb 1, 2020 

Atlanta transcendentalist, Childish Major the ultimate example of a multitalented threat. Best known for his production for which his credits range from Rome Fortune to Rick Ross to Revenge of the Dreamers lll, he’s also an outrageously gifted songwriter and rapper. His 2019 project, Dirt Road Diamond, was a vibrant project illumining in equal light his production ability, his knack as a rapper, and what the coalescence of his two lanes has granted a hip-hop scene that in his wake is bubbling full of more and more artists exploring a wider range of their talent and of their music’s makeup.


His first track since Dirt Road Diamond is Dem Know, a dancehall-rooted single that more than anything is an exuberant display not only that Childish Major is a producer who can rap, but that he can rap with the best of anyone else in music right now.