Childish Major Recruits Bar-Slinging Jace for High-Energy 'Kick It' 

 Evan Dale // Aug 18, 2020 

Ever expanding his range, Atlanta-based Childish Major snaps on new collaboration with Jace. The two are fluid partners in creative coalescence, both adhering to the more high-energy, bass heavy corners of their musicality, where Major himself delivers an expectedly dark, anthemic beat, and the two rappers trade lyrically dominant verses. Of course, with Childish Major, the production and the raps aren’t even capable of rounding out the greater picture. In accompaniment of 2019 album, Dirt Road Diamond and his work on Dreamville’s epic Revenge of the Dreamers lll, he’s also been widely exploring his range as a producer, a vocalist, and a rapper with singles like 2020’s Dem Know, Shallow Dimes & Wife You.


Kick It is again, a dominant statement for Major who has painted himself as one of the more capable artists in the gray areas surrounding hip-hop music. A quick-cadence, hard-hitting exhibition of rap and production ability, both he and Jace churn out a hit regardless of what it is you look for in a rap anthem.