Childish Major Exhibits his Vocal Range in New Single, Shallow Dimes 

 Evan Dale // Feb 10, 2020 

Transcendence has always been the driving force behind Childish Major’s indefinable range. A producer, a rapper, and seemingly a vocalist, the creative superpower hailing from Atlanta is allowing his emotional expanse to drive new directionality into his music. 


Shallow Dimes is a story of broken heartedness or at least of being let down, told by an artist with a trio of overarching inputs. In production, the track is melancholy, driven by subtle strums and minimalist percussion. As a rapper, Childish Major fills the middle ground of the track with a verse that changes its pace altogether. And, if any one unexpected standout from Shallow Dimes is most noteworthy, its Childish Major’s stark focus on his vocals which define the track as the emotional ballad it is. 


Another experimental display of his underrated fronting talent, Shallow Dimes in accompaniment of dancehall hip-hop track, Dem Know just a couple weeks ago, continues to round out Childish Major’s immense musical talent.