Young London prodigy turned leading proponent of the grime scene, Chip never really fails to disappoint for fans of the style, hosting a unique approach that manages to encapsulate all the fast-paced, energy-driven charisma grime has long offered while simultaneously possessing something less definable that makes him more relatable and newcomers and untrained ears alike. 


Relatable to many outside the grime sphere in particular is the classic 4/20 anthem, to which Chip with help from fellow Brit grime artist, MIST, have donned their own take. 


Pointedly titled Marijuana and made stereotypically complete with absurdist stoner cover art, the track's thematics are not difficult to assume, but that doesn't mean the track unfolds as you would expect. Chip's unique wordplay which seems to spill in and out of the beat without regard to traditionally stable flow provides the song a uniquely bold cadence, while MIST's more melodic, Caribbean-influenced verse provides it balance. 


At the end of the day, the track, a clean example of the vibrancy in the modern grime scene, could just as easily provide the sonic energy to a party as it could to a mellow smoke session with friends.