From the first dreamy synth chime, you can tell that Chris McClenney's Side to Side is going to be your new favorite track. The beat alone feels like the perfect middle ground between late 80's, early 90's Pop and R&B production blended with the modern electronic scene's perfectionist touch. 


In many ways, that sound formula lays the foundation of Chris McClenney's overarching style, which he then builds upon with a house of vocal reminiscence and wonder. His range is simply beautiful and his approach brings memories of the great vocalists through time. A pinch of Michael Jackson seems particularly present in Side to Side, a jam that even without its directions to do so, would get everyone out of their chairs to uncontrollably boogie left to right. 


Side to Side is a powerful and sturdy dance floor anthem without the corniness or over-the-topness that tends to come with the breed, and is just the latest reason why Chris McClenney, on the heels of his 2017 debut album, Portrait in Two, is one of the most exciting young artists in music.