Ciscero & Masego Hit the Skate Rink in Video for Good To Know

 Evan Dale // Nov 5, 2019 

Ciscero - Good to Know Video.jpg

When last week, Ciscero, Masego, and McClenney teamed up for a seemingly impossible smooth, funky, and understated soul anthem, Good to Know, the stars had aligned. Collaborations that stacked don’t come along everyday – especially from three artists that are already capable of independently creating timeless music from top to bottom. So, when they returned a week later with visuals for the single, it was game over. 


Expectedly, the whole thing is a thought-out, gorgeous, and attention-grabbing production.


Complete with a storyline that sees Ciscero just trying to find some popularity at the skate rink, and brimming with funk-modern outfit choices fitting of the track’s overarching texture, Good to Know is nothing if not entertainment on a variety of sliding scales, and is easily one of our favorite singles and videos of the year so far.