Ciscero, Masego & McClenney Collaborate for Soul Gold, Good to Know

 Evan Dale // Oct 27, 2019 

Ciscero - Good to Know.jpg

Ciscero. Masego. McClenney.


Could’ve called this would have been a timeless groove masterpiece before even listening. And that’s exactly why Good To Know is a must-listen. Before diving in, it needs to be said also that vocalist, Ambriia and lyricist, KP play integral roles in the tracks layered and immersive texture. With a quartet of talented singers, songwriters, and rappers on the 4-minute track, it’s necessary to have someone as gifted as experimental instrumentalist and soul-inspired producer and vocalist, McClenney behind the curtain of it all. And even then, the required coalescence of all artists on board is something beyond special.


And that’s what this is.


All four vocalists seamlessly float in and out of each other’s verses, layer on top of one another, and come out of it all impossibly smooth and effortless, leaving Good To Know one of the best and most intriguing funk, soul, and hip-hop singles of the year from a collective of artists as important to music’s emerging neo-soul cloth as they come.