Clairmont The Second's New Single, 'Gun Finger' is an Exhibition of Range 

 Evan Dale // May 5, 2020 

From Toronto’s most unique aesthetic comes Clairmont The Second: an impossibly young, impossibly raw mosaic of inspiration so complex and fueled by art that his sound emerges unlike that of anyone else in hip-hop. And from Clairmont The Second comes new single, Gun Finger: an expectedly unique, high-fidelity composition par for the course for its protagonist who creates all of his music (and videos) from the ground up. In order to succeed as such an all-encompassing creative, Clairmont The Second has developed a rap and vocal skillset alone that is so diverse and varied that he often sounds like different variations of his own featuring artists.


In only three minutes, Clairmont The Second explores a swatch of them, all unique to one another, yet all tethered akin under the banner of an unparalleled rapper; underlined by the foundation of an unparalleled producer; brought to life by an unparalleled music video director.


As a wide-ranging artist in its truest definition, Clairmont The Second is unmatched. And Gun Finger puts all of his artistic spectrum on full exhibition while also providing his listeners yet another ice cold, lyrical banger.