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Continuing his 2019 Prolificity, Clairmont The Second Delivers 'Thou'

 Evan Dale // June 17, 2019 

Clairmont The Second - Thou.png

In the spirit of prolificity, Clairmont The Second – just months after his wildly experimental and niche acclaimed Do You Drive – comes through with another vivid display of his unique knack to sound like no one else in contemporary hip-hop. Like the majority of music from Clairmont The Second, his name signs nearly the entirety of Thou’s song credits. A producer, mixer, writer, rapper, and vocalist, Clairmont oversees the full spectrum is his creativity, leading to tracks like Thou to exist as vibrant exhibitions of the artist himself. 


Thou is expected in its old school nuances, driving warped synths and meditative lyricism into the heart of its subtle braggadocio and not-so-subtle musical flexes. Highlighted by its chime-driven and addicting chorus and most impressive in its pure effortlessness, Thou emerges a classic single of Clairmont’s canon. 


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