Clairmont the Second Unleashes Expectedly Up-Tempo Single, Dun 

 Evan Dale // Mar 21, 2020 

There exists a certain signature when it comes to the self-made through-and-through texture of Clairmont the Second. The Canadian hip-hop artist whose skillset oversees every moment of his greater artistic direction, is not only one of the more all-encompassing musicians in all of modern hip-hop, but also one of the most abundantly unique. And his latest single, Dun speaks directly to his ever-evolving, always ahead of the curve lane. 


Starting with the beat – a synth and bass driven composition with a breakdown that could find itself tethered between Atlanta trap and 80’s sourced Synthwave; Ending with the flow – a fluctuating, curated, lyrically driven sort of poetry that Clairmont has mastered as all his own; the outcome is a product only really describable as Clairmont the Second, himself.


And for us, and anyone else keeping a finger on the pulse of where today’s most experimental artists are taking the greater scene, Dun means that hip-hop is anything but finished evolving.