London's Col3trane Recruits GoldLink for Psychedelic Superpowers

 Evan Dale // Mar 27, 2019 

Col3trane has been one of the most emergent artists in all of music over the past year or so, releasing his debut and sophomore albums in 2018, and already releasing his second single of 2019. Superpowers, which features GoldLink who himself seems on a tear to take over music, is an experimentally-driven track that tightropes the grey areas between hip-hop and R&B where both artists have long lived. It’s a dark, moody single that explores a quickly escalating corner of the music scene where angst and bass are somehow combining with emotion to deliver an emotional off-shoot of modern music, leaving plenty of room for artists to experiment with blending their vocals into bars and vice versa.


Hopefully, as both artists continue to release more music, it’s a sign of 2019 projects from each.