Cousin Stizz Drops Off Melodic Two-Pack, Gets His Fill with 'Mac Roni' 

 Evan Dale // Aug 17, 2020 

If there are two things always to be expected from Boston’s Cousin Stizz, don’t look past bass and laid-back energy. And from a two-pack release of singles late last week, he didn’t skimp even if he did switch it up a bit. Crocodile Tears & Mac Roni emerged as his second and third single releases of the year, lackadaisically following up last Summer’s standout album, Trying To Find My Next Thrill. Quickly upon listening however, it’s easy to tell that Stizz isn’t here to follow up anything, but rather embark on something new altogether. Both are especially melodic, particularly laid-back anthems brimming with bass and short-sided towards the edge of his signature delivery that usually drives meaningful penmanship into his spoon-fed delivery.


Instead, Mac Roni – our vote for the more intricate of the two – is no doubt anthemic, reminiscent of Stizz’s longstanding knack for composing a hypnotic bop, while simultaneously introducing a new wave of Stizz adjacency where a new found love of slowing it down further and extending his vocal role results in a wavy, melodically-inclined look into where his future might be heading.