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Cousin Stizz Rebirths Perfect Party Anthem with Doja Cat & BIA

 Evan Dale // Feb 13, 2020 

Cousin Stizz - Perfect .jpg

One of Summer 2019’s hottest anthems just got a makeover. Where once stood Cousin Stizz and City Girls now stands Cousin Stizz, Doja Cat, and BIA. The Perfect beat and hook always called for female presence, completing the trap prince and princess(es) vibe that Stizz outlines, and though nothing can be taken away from the energy and twang that City Girls brought to the original, the new cut is every bit as tantalizing and addicting, albeit in a different way. Stizz’s verse remains unchanged as does the hook, but both Doja Cat, riding the wave of acclaimed 2019 album, Hot Pink and BIA, continuing her string of featuring verse, make the remix a necessary edition to such a hype track. 


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