Cousin Stizz's Album is Almost Here - Let's Toast 2 That

 Evan Dale // Aug 6, 2019 

Cousin Stizz - Toast 2 That.png

The energy continues.


Cousin Stizz – Boston’s meditatively lyrical leader – is on his way to the release of what is emerging as this year’s most upturned, hyphy project. En route to Trying to Find My Next Thrill, Stizz has thus far delivered Perfect and STP – arrogantly high-energy anthems worthy of the attention he’s been receiving from hip-hop’s elite. Equally worthy of the features he’s drawn into frame – City Girls and now Freddie Gibbs – his newest single, Toast 2 That falls right in line.


Addicting and repeatable in its chorus, “I just made a hit, so let’s toast to that,” speaks true of all his singles so far across three career projects. And the contrast of his delivery when juxtaposed against Gibbs is a vibrant and complimentary view into opposing ends of hip-hop’s modern hyphy spectrum. 


So far, Stizz is three for three when it comes to anthemic releases. At this pace, his forthcoming project will soundtrack everything lit well into 2020 and set the stage for him to receive the mainstream attention he has always deserved.