Cousin Stizz Drops Laid-Back Single, ‘Vendetta 

 Evan Dale // Mar 30, 2020 

Cousin Stizz’s mellow, laid-back delivery is one of the most consistent aesthetics in hip-hop today. Never without braggadocio and intensity, his new single, Vendetta is undoubtedly still the work of a confident Boston rapper well aware of his place in the game and in a city that owes Stizz much of its return to hip-hop’s main stage. Still, something about Vendetta feels particularly reminiscent of the Suffolk County days. The juxtaposition between the effortless cool with which he delivers his words and the poet that rarely diverts his thematic discourse from hip-hop’s well-explored diamonds, dealing, and dimes is what allows him to reach such a diverse hip-hop fan base. For those that like the outrageous things said by the trap mainstream, Stizz speaks on a similar line of subject. For those more interested in unique flow and raw rap ability, he conveys his lyrics like no one else. And with Vendetta – simply a 2-minute Soundcloud only single probably crafted out of quarantined boredom – Stizz is able to exhibit exactly what it is that makes him such an individual, wide-ranging force in hip-hop’s modern scene.