For an artist who was once known best for his ability to produce some of the catchiest tunes of the early 2010’s electronic Golden Era, Crayon seems to have developed a keen understanding as to when to let go of perfection and clean production and let the idea of imperfection instead create the beauty in the music. His first project since 2013 is a short, seven-song EP titled Post Blue, and it’s arguably the best release of 2018 so far. For fans of Crayon’s classic sound, the EP may not be what’s in mind, but if it’s his musical talent, his knack for inventiveness and creativity, not necessarily his old style that draws an audience, they are sure not to be disappointed.


Post Blue is a unique take on not just electronic music but in all honesty a project of such quality that it should act as a rough blueprint for other artists in all genres to chase authenticity and relatability. It doesn’t belong to one genre, one style, one sound. It’s just as much a work of contemporary rock and smooth R&B as it is an electronic revival project. And with it, Crayon discovers new and exciting territory for an electronic artist reinventing himself.


There is something especially genuine about the project that seems lacking in electronic music – a sense of bold inventiveness that allows the artist’s voice to be heard – a difficult task to achieve in a genre that by its very nature allows objective and impressionistic conclusions. Through soft, jazzy guitar chords, smooth, subtle production, and a vast dotting of impressive vocal features and samplings, Crayon tells an auditory tale that warms our minds and collects our thoughts neatly, leaving us with only one conviction : Post Blue dictates the direction that we hope electronic music pushes towards in 2018 – a direction that exists in the creative grey areas between genre, filled with the unique sounds and individualism of pure, talented artists.