Crayon & Duñe Team Up Again for Funky Single, 'Save Yourself First' 

 Evan Dale // May 17, 2020 

With their third straight collaborative effort of the year, Crayon and Duñe – who previously worked together in 2016 with their self-titled collaborative EP – continue to make the most mellow and enchanting of instrumental, electro-soul music. Save Yourself First feels particularly adept to picnics in the park where one too many drinks evolves into two hours of summertime dancing. Musically, it’s a layered, effervescent, and downright funky jam, driven equally by a smooth guitar riff, the interruption of an occasional trumpet, and a laid-back, poetic spell.


It’ll be interesting to see what the ultimate outcome of these collaborations are. Hand-in-hand with Pointless & Ten Years, it looks like a project of some sort is in the works. Whatever it is, it’s bound to be funky, jazzy, soulful, and most of all, impossible not to dance to.