Clairmont The Second Explores his Own Brand of Soul with Melancholy 'Dream' 

 Evan Dale // June 9, 2020 

Clairmont The Second has never been a creative that can be put into a box, but even for someone as stylistically transcendent and artistically wide-ranging as the Toronto native, Dream is a bold step. But, it’s a new direction well chosen, one leaning heavily towards the soul, R&B, and gospel roots he was raised on; one expanding upon the beginnings of soulful vocalism explored in his 2019 project, Do You Drive?


Dream is an emotional mosaic of bluesy longings for a long-lost friend whose only presence in Clairmont’s life comes in the form of dreams. And upon that pedestal of emotionality, the artiste whose singles have lately brimmed with hip-hop, now bleeds of his own brand of soul music. Vocally, Clairmont feels like a veteran, effortlessly and uniquely attacking melody and driving fervent relatability into his every note. Even while slowing it down, his lyrical prowess has no problem bridging the gap from the rapped to the sung, filling Dream’s entirety with bouts of poeticism unparalleled by most. And cinematographically, he and consistent creative collaborator Beee make Dream’s accompanying set of visuals the latest in a flowing stream of music videos exhibiting that Clairmont The Second isn’t only one of the most underrated musicians alive, but that he’s also one of the most visionary.


If ever there was a time to explore the emotionality of new stylistic territory, Clairmont The Second doesn’t only succeed, but excels vibrantly with the soulful soundscape of Dream.