Dave B. Slows it Down with Melodic, Romantic Single, 'Dance On Me' 

 Evan Dale // Sep 20, 2020 

Seattle’s Dave B. has been ahead of the curve in merging his lyrically poetic and melodically emotive lanes since he first emerged a half-decade ago. The adept rapper/singer never stumbles in fluidly transitioning between his multitude of skills mid-track, spending the majority of his time in the allusive grey areas that he’s helped usher into a more expansive collection of modern hip-hop rooted artistry.


On the heels of moving, socially motivated Worthy, he changes stylistic gears again for lustful, silky slow jam, Dance On Me. Though still defined by the aesthetic middle grounds he so confidently walks, the new single is a more in-depth exploration of his melodic, rhythm & blues adjacent foundation. Especially with the chorus, Dave B. fervently displays his knack for stitching together a romantically directed love song – even if that’s – as he sings – what he’s sick of.