If there is one word that comes to mind with Seattle artist, Dave B, it's balance and his latest release, David, puts it to the test.


It's been a while since we heard anything from the smooth hip-hop / R&B transcendentalist. His latest album, Pearl was released last November and brought with it well-deserved spotlight, a series appearances in the festival circuit, and a plethora of spots accompanying artists on global tours. So, he's been understandably busy.


But it doesn't seem that he's lost a step in his time since. David walks a lot of fine lines - putting on an exhibition of that balance we've come to expect. It's somewhere between hip-hop and R&B, between love and lust, between retro-soul and a music future filled with stylistically undefined middle ground. 


Built upon the starkly simplistic production of smooth guitar notes and heel tapping drums, B's complex vocal delivery and unpredictable cadence make for a finished product that is, for lack of a better word, balanced, and should find its way onto any playlist made for nights in with boo, nights out with friends, and the morning waffle sessions that should always follow up both.