Dave B Releases Quintessentiel Signature Single, Scuba 

 Evan Dale // Jul 24, 2018 

The subtle and slow re-emergence of Dave B in the aftermath of his 2017 masterpiece, Pearl, has thus far been perfect and representational of the growth of his sound and his dynamic approach. David, released just a couple months ago, was a sensual, mixed-cadenced romance ballad true to his varied delivery overtop his fondness for neo-soul production. 


His latest, Scuba, takes a slightly different form. Purposefully and rightfully failing to find firm footing in his cadence and equally wise in his mixed vocal delivery, there are traits pointing towards a Dave B signature. But in equal measure, Scuba seems once again like an exhibition of well-rounded and transcendental dynamism leaving it nearly impossible to categorize or equate by pre-conceived standards. 


Dave B to the core is essentially what drives all of his undertakings into existences undetermined by styling or label, and what does so to Scuba, a quintessential Dave B track defined by romantic exploits, the subtleties of his instrumentation, and his most powerful and wide-ranging instrument, his voice.