Dave B is Quietly Taking Over Hip-Hop - Window is his Latest

 Evan Dale // June 3, 2019 

Dave B - CPU Love.png

There was a point when Dave B was perhaps an underappreciated experimentalist, boldly merging his talent into a field of effortless hip-hop and R&B coalescence, but at some many moments through his prolific exploration of his many sonic mediums, he earned influence, the world of music continued its inevitable slide towards an era without genre, and Dave B has come to be a vibrant figure of music’s many grey areas. He’s a fervent lyricist – one of the more poetic rappers in all of music; He’s a talented vocalist – almost always dotting his tracks with silky choruses that rival many singers across the neo-soul spectrum; And he’s also a musical mind fond of experimental production and taking risks. 


It’s a tad ridiculous just how much music he puts out. Between his celebrated late 2017 album, Pearl and his newest single release, Window, he’s dropped seven additional tracks: David, Scuba, Bleu, Pretty, 48, Bidness, and CPU Love. All of which exhibit exemplary range and even more noticeable, exemplary growth.


Window, akin to many of his releases, is a positivist hip-hop dream, exploding with bubbly keystrokes, fast-paced relatable lyricism, and a calm, collected, gorgeously delivered chorus. The track, particularly at its chorus, has a jazzy feel that leaves the entire thing brimming with emotionality and changes of pace. It’s just another example of his absurdly wide talent, and just another reason why Dave B, en route to his upcoming project, Bleu, has quietly become one of the most important figures in transcendent hip-hop music.