Dave B. Drops Powerful Single & Video, 'Worthy' Donating Proceeds in Turn 

 Evan Dale // Aug 22, 2020 

Dave B. has always been a poet, He’s always had a message. Worthy is simply in so many ways the coalescence of those two facts with an incredible amount of emotion born not from the limelight of the past couple months, but from much more than that. The Seattle rapper dives deep into the issues facing his community, but more so, into the resilience of art and the black community at large. Through the single and its accompanying set of visuals directed by @nina_bails, Dave B. yet again sets an artistic precedent that he can rap and melodize with the best in music, existing as a transcendent force across hip-hop’s breadth.


But Worthy is worthy of a grander stage than even Dave B.’s knack for redefining the musical boundaries of hip-hop. Anthemic in its grace, poetic in its thematic discourse, the track is one that both meets and leads this moment of turmoil with open eyes and an open heart towards the community it serves. And for it, he pledges 100% of Worthy’s proceeds to four necessary organizations: Creative Justice NW, Acts On Stage, Black Trans Task Force, and Black Trans Travel Fund.