From the clever riff, cadence, and opening line – all respectful plays on Diddy’s emotional tribute – I’ll Be Missing You, loveable and largely indefinable wordsmith, Daye Jack provides the groundwork for a tribute of another kind. Heart Shaped Culdesac is an Atlanta suburb love ballad, or better explained by Daye Jack himself, “a homage to the places and the people that made [him] who [he is] – and who [he’s] gonna be.”


The single comes hand-in-hand with a playful lyric video and a FADER mini-doc about the writing of the song and the development of the artist himself – an artist who continues to be a key innovative player in the post-genre movement of transcendental music. Expectedly so, Heart Shaped Culdesac is an unpredictable whirlwind of stylistic efforts that merge his hip-hop foundations and lyrical prowess with an explorative mellow pop direction. 


Daye Jack delivers the track, his first since 2017’s album, No Data, as a bubbly and laid-back new take on his ever-adjusting sonic texture. It’s also his first en route to Black To The Culdesac – a new album slated for a release later this year. 

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