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The mellow sphere of dark harmony in which electro soul duo, Denton Thrift creates music is a place where one goes for self-reflection, meditation, and peace. Fond of circular synth patterns and layers of gorgeously cohesive and echoic vocals, Denton Thrift together stand alone atop the spectrum of understated yet incredibly involved vocal electronica. 


Their new single, Confessional, speaks to their impressive stature. Simplicity can only be achieved by those who have first mastered complexity, and the minimalist drum kit, soft-spoken keystrokes, and poetic lyricism that weaves in and out of it all could not have come together with a lighter vibe that somehow carries so much weight. It's an emotionally stirring song whose strongest grip on our heartstrings comes in the duo's ability to build the track through a series of moving verses and a slow and steady production ramp that comes crashing down on us under an explosion of vocals in the song's final moments.


More than anything, Confessional is a masterful track that only adds to the mystery and the intrigue behind the quiet duo's music.  

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