Throwback R&B Force, Devin Morrison Comes Out of Hiding with New Single Casper 

 Evan Dale // Jan 4, 2020 

One of the most unique new voices to music in 2019 was transcendent throwback R&B force, Devin Morrison. The Orlando native makes music rooted equally in R&B’s golden era and mastered techniques of the now, exhibiting his craft as the writer, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer of debut album, Bussin’ that came out last Spring. To kick of the new year, he’s back with single, Casper, and expectedly, it’s an experimental work no one could have expected at all. 


Riding first the enveloping emotionality of his vocal range, second the complexity of his instrumentalism from top to bottom of the deceivingly simple, high-fidelity beat, and third the intensive layering of it all, Casper is a mellow, but impossibly funky bit of epochal R&B coalescence that could only come from one source in music: Devin Morrison.