'Kiss' | Alex Isley Adds the Sugar & Spice to Devin Morrison's Everything Nice 

 Evan Dale // Sep 19, 2020 

Equally rooted in the tenets of 90’s R&B and the explosive range of emotion that comes in tow with the auditory aesthetic, Orlando’s Devin Morrison is a boundless musician building each and every aspect of his creative mission in an effort to redefine the timeline of Neo-Soul in two directions. 2019 brought his debut collection, Bussin’, while a slew of subsequent singles have continued to expand his unparalleled productive, instrumental, vocal, and lyrical fluidity. Latest in the run is Kiss.


Pulling into frame the also timeless image of Alex Isley – daughter of soul, funk, and R&B legend, Ernie Isley – Devin Morrison seamlessly stitches together a lighthearted duet with what we’ve come to expect from his Golden Era rooted garden of effervescent chimes, sensual basslines, silky keystrokes, and vocal layering. Kiss joins the ranks of his other 2020 singles – Casper, That’s All, Lil’ Lonely – in its bountifully smooth expression, while separating itself per an identity floating on the dueting joy of young love.


Alex Isley, as would be expected as a counterpointing female in a collaboration where vocalists like Joyce Wrice have in the past, shines vocally as a necessary keystone to the overarching love story being woven, adding a little sugar and spice to Devin Morrison’s everything nice.