Devin Morrison Continues Exploring R&B Timelessness w/ Synth-Driven 'That's All' 

 Evan Dale // April 12, 2020 

Orlando-rooted R&B experimentalist, Devin Morrison is likewise rooted in another era. A wizard at composing each element of his throwback soundscapes, highlighted by sensual synth strokes and understated vocal play, he is able to transcend generations of Rhythm & Blues music, stretching as far into the past, as he is into his future. And in that future – one influenced by the resurgence of instrumental prowess and vocals taken from the 90’s in particular and merged with the production possibilities of the now – it’s tracks like That’s All that will come to define a new wave of R&B that for so many reasons feels not so new at all. 


Devin Morrison’s newest single fits the same slow-jam oriented bill that he’s been scripting since the release of his 2019 debut album, Bussin’, and continues to grow on exactly where he’s taking a sound that at this point in R&B history is risen and thriving predominantly by his steady hand. Deeply layered with a number of keyboard-born riffs, synth explosions, and distorted, soulful vocals belting of love so strong its worth quitting over, Morrison once again reminds us the timelessness of a sound that has for too long been stuck in its place in history.