Dijon's 'sweet thing' is Sweet Summertime Romance at its Most Unique 

 Evan Dale // June 24, 2020 

There exists something innately articulate in the sensitivities of Dijon’s music. The Maryland-born LA-based singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, and all around groundbreaking purveyor of experimental sounds has been playing wildly with his auditory aesthetic and subsequently those of R&B, acoustic, and folk’s for years, stretching back to his part as half of electro-R&B duo, Abhi//Dijon. With his soloist work, a deeper dive into the emotional spectrum emerging from the stylistic lanes he blends bleeds into every corner of his artistry. And with his newest delivery, sweet thing, he again unearths a starkly different yet relatable working of his broad canon.


A mellow melody blooming of the warm-weather sweetness at the intersection of his R&B derived emotionality, the relatable calm of his acoustic nuances, and the electronically and hip-hop rooted waves in his production, sweet thing couldn’t have a more fitting title. Love songs are often formulaic and predictable these days, but nothing about Dijon has ever lended itself towards such expectation. Instead, sweet thing is an emotionally uplifting, musically downtempo ballad breathing of the highs of summertime love.