The man we once called Dijon, who now prefers dark green, dark green continues to release tracks that make us firmly support the name change and the particularly soloist endeavors of late as a direction worth pursuing further. In WILD, perhaps his most emotionally stirring, borderline poignantly heartfelt track to date, he seems to unearth a new reach for his already capable vocalism. The track is simple in its guitar-driven instrumentation, complex in its deep-seeded sample layering, but ultimately finds focus in its voice and on the clarity of the relatable lyricism. 


WILD being a love song through to its core, the Maryland-born songwriter seems to be continuing his recent creative breakthrough of sorts that have seen his latest tracks reaching more towards a soft folk, mellow pop kind of push, and somewhat away from his more futurist R&B-focused inspiration from his collaborative work as half of Abhi // Dijon. A string of releases dating back to dark green, dark green’s entry into the solo game five months ago (then as Dijon) tells the story of his progression culminating where he is now, with each track pushing further into newly discovered territory, and delivering him deeper into a global scene of uniquely indefinable songwriters. 


Hopefully the growth continues, as does the breakneck pace of releases he is currently undertaking, because really, his sound is perhaps one of the most widely-applicable we’ve heard in some time, appealing to a range of listeners across music’s spectrum and across the globe.