Donavon Re-Emerges with Disco-Laced Vibe, 'Rudechild' 

 Evan Dale // Aug 1, 2020 

With his first single release since 2019 debut EP, Badmind, Donavon is back with an expectedly experimental, 80’s-laced single transcending R&B, hip-hop, and Michael Jackson branded pop. Rudechild is a spectacular venture not in blurring the lines of genre, but reading between them altogether for something new and risk-takingly focused. Donavon is, after all, a proven force to be reckoned productively, vocally, and lyrically. Stylistically, Rudechild feels like an upturnt sequel to funk-laden anthem, Bad – an early standout to Donavon’s canon – with equally anthemic intensity and maximizing a newfound cadence.


But in as many ways as it feels like a natural progression, it’s also simply something new. Its entirety is a fluctuating study on style on pace, granting equal weight and insight into the many things that Donavon does very, very well. And for that, it’s just another reminder that we would love some more from him soon – musically, cinematographically (check out the video for Bad), and beyond.