Dot Demo is Effortlessly Lyrical with Low-Fi New Single, God Forgives 

 Evan Dale // Jan 6, 2020 

Dot Demo - God Forgives.jpg

Low-fidelity, high-intensity purveyor of the lyrically provocative and impossible flow, Dot Demo is a figure of the timeless elements of hip-hop. And riding a subtle sample beat, his latest single release, God Forgives is a dynamic display of just how potent his cadence and penmanship truly are. With only a short, repetitive hook to break the hypnosis of his low-register spitting lightning-fast bars, God Forgives feels like an absolutely perfected session just as much as it feels like the track of classic, produced rap that it is. 


If anything has come to define the young Bronx rapper, it’s how undeniably effortless he approaches some of the most ferocious raps in all of hip-hop. And the balance that he’s able to curate makes him one of the most underrated pure rappers in the game today. Keep an eye out for Dot Demo who has been insanely prolific over the past couple years, to drop something more in the near future.