Prolific Dot Demo Continues Flow of Intensity with Round One

 Evan Dale // Sep 24, 2019 

Dot Demo - Round One.jpg

Rhythm and Poetry are alive and well and both find themselves old-school in Dot Demo’s South Bronx modernity. Any fan of hip-hop past and present would be hard-pressed to argue in favor of any current lyricist with penmanship and delivery more intense and inventive than Dot whose latest single, Round One, is yet another knockout. As pensive and profound as he is prolific, the two-minute bout against the beat and against any other rapper in music today comes on the heels of a trio of albums over the span of the last calendar year – all of which own an individual aesthetic – but none of which sacrifice penmanship and cadence for anything. 


By any other rapper, Round One would be a surprisingly effortless exhibit of raw lyricism, but for Dot, it’s just the latest example of the cut-throat ability and timelessness that’s making him an ever-emerging force on hip-hop’s soundscape.