Dot Demo Stays Prolific, Dynamic & High-Energy with Yard Sale

 Evan Dale // Mar 20, 2019 

New day, new Dot. The Bronx hip-hop enigma is a chameleon of stylistic discourse like no one else in music. Effortlessly and prolifically switching up his flow and his production, one thing always bound to be consistent is his fervent penmanship. And his newest single release, Yard Sale – an exceptionally high energy track – is no exception to the rule. Driven first by undeniable lyricism, second by a dynamic myriad of cadence switches, and third by production with enough oomph to support it all, Yard Sale is only the latest in a string of recent music from Dot Demo that proves he is certainly one of the more capable and wide-ranging rappers alive today and that he is probably the most underrated player in all of modern hip-hop. 


For more of his recent work and a glimpse into his dynamism, check out the two full-length projects he’s put out in the last few months, NAHFORREAL’ and Delirium