Drake is one of those artists that puts out such an amount of music that it can be hard to just keep up with him, and the fact that he is constantly adjusting styles and directions makes him the living manifestation of a shuffle button. You never know what you’re going to get, which always leaves us excited for new releases.


However, the first track, God’s Plan, from his newest two-song release that goes by the name Scary Hours, is regretfully predictable and unexciting. Sure, it bangs, but Drake has put himself into a position where we expect bold decision-making with every release, especially after a long hiatus, and God’s Plan is clearly lacking.


Thankfully, the second song on the project, Diplomatic Immunity is a refreshingly lyrical exhibition of bars reminiscent of a Drake we haven’t heard since Nothing Was The Same – my unpopular choice for his best ever album. It’s aggressive and cocky and everything we love about a Drake, and has an edge that he’s out to once again prove something. Hopefully that means a project is in the works and that it’s leaning towards the styling of Diplomatic Immunity and not of God’s Plan.