DRAM & H.E.R. Link Up for The Lay Down

 Evan Dale // Aug 7, 2019 

DRAM - The Lay Down.png

DRAM has never been a stranger to the romantic anthem, but even for him and his expectedly sensual guest feature, H.E.R, The Lay Down is saucy. Reminiscent of a soundtrack to low-budget, highly risqué 80’s soft porn, it drips with watery synth strokes, explosive guitar, reaching falsettos, wavering lows, and immodest poeticism. 


À la styling of recent throwback popularity, DRAM and H.E.R. – both eternally important to the experimental outer reaches of R&B – find themselves in the limelight for the first time in a while without recent projects to their names. And their taste for retro-futurism is just what the R&B game needed to push it towards further extremes of hyper-sexuality and romanticism, heroing 80’s instrumentation and over-the-top exhibitions of emotion. 


It’s wet.