Dreamville Tease Extended Version of Revenge of the Dreamers with 2-Pack 

 Evan Dale // Jan 13, 2020 

Dreamville - 1:16.jpg

For any fan of Dreamville’s unparalleled 2019 collaborative album Revenge of the Dreamers lll and the accompanying documentary of its making, there were a couple glimpses into tracks not included in its final release. First, Ari Lennox crooning and swaying to her first attempt at melodizing an emotional, romantic ballad, Bussit. And second, EARTHGANG’s Doctur Dot and Johnny Venus dropping an addicting, head-knocking chorus for Still Up


Unsurprisingly, Dreamville was never planning on letting these undeniable bangers die without release. Instead, they were simply spacing out the pace of so much music made in that 10-day camp session last year. And to start off 2020, as a statement of superiority until otherwise challenged, Dreamville is back with Revenge of the Dreamers lll: Director’s Cut. And to lead it all off, much in the same manner they did with 2019’s leading singles, Got Me, Down Bad, LamboTruck, and Costa Rica, they led off the Director’s Cut with two-pack, 1/16, pulling into the limelight those exact two tracks standing out in the documentary but not included in the original cut. 


They’re even better than expected and work as the perfect bridge between the original project and its documentary with the Director’s Cut release of both.