Dreamville's Visuals for Sacrifices are Emotional & Gorgeous

 Evan Dale // Aug 16, 2019 

Dreamville - Sacrifices.png

EARTHGANG’s Johnny Venus has exploded onto the scene as one of the most unique voices in hip-hop music. From Dreamville’s acclaimed collaborative project, Revenge of the Dreamers lll, the quirky figure with an untouchable cadence, violent penmanship, and as much unique style both sonically and fashionably as anyone in music has emerged from whence he came in collaboration. His compatriot, Doctur Dot, is likewise seeing an explosion of individual fame as EARTHGANG continues to distance themselves from anyone in Atlanta hip-hop other than friend and collaborator, JID. 


Sadly, from tragedy often emerges the most fervent artistic expression. And in ode to his late father’s passing, Johnny Venus drew impeccable inspiration for one of Revenge of the Dreamers’ standout tracks. Sacrifices which also features Smino, Saba, and J. Cole is a celebration of Venus’ father and the challenging decision all of us have to make in our day-to-days. The video, shot in an abandoned sun-soaked warehouse and beaming even brighter with fashionable expression, is every bit as genius and necessary as the track itself.